About 概要

About JLC / 東大日本語教室とは?

Welcome to the Japanese Language Class of the School of Engineering

The Japanese Language Class of the School of Engineering help your research and everyday life in Japan. In each semester more than 300 students from about 40 countries enroll in the Japanese language courses.

Japanese Language Class Mission statements:

1. To provide Japanese language education to support academic life and life in Japan of international students and researchers.
2. To provide Japanese cultural education to international students and researchers.
3. To promote and develop friendship and understanding amongst multi-lingual and multi-cultural group of people.
4. To broaden Japanese students’ knowledge and understanding of other cultures as a part of internationalization.
5. To conduct research on Japanese language education especially for science and engineering area, and to develop new learning materials.

Target Students:

Research student, Master, Doctor, Researcher, Exchange student, Spouse in the School of Engineering, USTEP Students


S1S2S: Starts in April – July (14weeks)
A1A2: Starts in October – January (14weeks)

Levels: 6


JLCSE Orientation

JLCSE provides international students and researchers and their spouses with a variety of courses as well as cultural events and extracurricular activities to help you learn the Japanese language and Japanese culture.


1. STAR (Student Tools for Access and Review)

STAR is a learning support and management system for individuals studying Japanese at JLCSE.


1-1. If you plan to study Japanese at JLCSE, you MUST be registered for STAR.


1-2. Please complete the placement test and register for courses at the recommended level BEFORE coming to the first class of each course. Level adjustments will be made if necessary after consultation with the instructor.


2. Credits

All Japanese courses at JLCSE offer credits. They can also be taken as noncredit courses. Course credits may or may not fulfill your degree requirements. Please check with your department office for further details.


2-1. If you are taking courses for credits, you need to register through UTmate as well as STAR.


3. Certificates

Certificates are given upon request to noncredit students who have fulfilled course requirements after completing an application at the end of the term at the JLCSE office.


4. Textbooks and JLC Classifieds

4-1. There is no tuition fee for courses. Students are only responsible for textbook expenses. Please note that copying an entire book is illegal.


4-2. JLC classifieds is available for those who want to sell and buy used textbooks. Please check the JLC bulletin board classifieds from time to time.


5. Cancellations

Class may be cancelled due to emergencies such as typhoons. Information regarding class cancellations will be posted on the JLCSE web site.


6. Tutorial Session

The tutorial session is an appointment-based self-study support provided by language professionals for those who need extra assistance in learning Japanese. Sessions are available for all levels. Appointments can be made at the JLCSE office.


7. Cultural Exchanges & Events

In addition to courses, JLCSE provides opportunities to practice Japanese language and interact with Japanese people.


7-1. Visitor Sessions

Visitor sessions are conducted on Wednesdays from 13:00 to 14:30. Students have the opportunity to talk about a variety of topics with senior Japanese volunteers. Several times in the semester, students are provided with opportunities to experience Japanese culture through events such as traditional tea ceremonies, Japanese flower arrangement, and kimono wearing. Please apply for cultural events and workshops through STAR.


7-2. International Cafe for You (ICYou)

ICYou (former JLT) is held every Thursday from 12:00 to 13:10 on the second floor of Starbucks in Engineering Building #11. The event is a chance to meet and talk to people from across campus. Free tea and coffee are provided.

2016 S1S2 JLTポスター (英語) 案 その7


7-3. Coffee Break

Coffee and tea are available from the second week of the semester between periods at the JLCSE office, where students have a chance to meet and talk to students from other courses and countries. Please do not bring the cups into the classroom. Please wash them after you use them.


8. Books and DVD Collection

Two books can be borrowed for two weeks. Two JLPT related items and/or DVDs can be borrowed for one week from the JLCSE library collection.