Visitor Session

Visitor Session

Experienced Japanese senior volunteers and international students have conversation sessions in small groups. If you do not get enough opportunities to speak Japanese during classes or have questions about daily life and want to ask Japanese people about them, please attend to talk about various topics in Japanese.


Japanese volunteers and two to three international students form a group to have conversations. Each table has students with a similar level of Japanese ability so that they can talk and listen freely with each other. Topics can vary depending on their interests, ranging from Japanese classes, questions about daily life, recent news or topics of interest, to traditional culture.


2024 S1S2: 4 sessions will be conducted between April 24, 2024, and July 3, 2024, Wednesday from 13:00 to 14:30.



Registration is not required. Just walk into the designated classroom on the day of the visitor sessions (about 4 times each semester). If any events related to Japanese cultural experiences occur at the same time as a visitor session, it will be announced in advance during classes or on the STAR system.

Voice of participants (citing their words)

  • This session is very helpful. Not only I can practice my Japanese, but make friends here. Thank you sincerely for organizing this event.
  • I think my Japanese got better.
  • It is a wonderful program. It’s fun to talk with various Japanese people. Thank you.
  • I’m happy I could talk in Japanese. I learned a lot by talking about cultural connections and differences.
  • I was able to talk about various topics and got a broader perspective.
  • It’s a lot of fun. I learned a lot of Japanese related things. I want to participate every time in the next semester as well.

Voice of volunteers (citing their words)

  • I’m mainly in charge of beginners and am always trying to pick the right level of conversation for them. I want to continue these visitor sessions because of the inspiration I get from the students.
  • Our role is to inspire them to use the Japanese they know and master it through talking to us. I focus on the topics students are interested in and talk about Japanese climate and culture as well.
  • Experiencing is the best way to learn about other cultures but students don’t get enough opportunities. What I can do is limited but I’ll be happy if I can give them opportunities to know more about Japan.
  • This session is very helpful. Not only can I practice my Japanese, but I made friends here. I sincerely thank you for organizing this event.