March 5, 2020 / Update

Announcement of New Courses (Advanced 2 Integrated, Speaking and Writing)

Japanese Language Class, School of Engineering, JLCSE,
has established the new “Advanced 2” level. We will offer three new courses,
Advanced 2 Integrated, Advanced 2 Speaking and Advanced 2 Writing in 2020S1S2.
Accordingly, the course level name “Advanced” which has been used until 2019A1A2 will be changed to “Advanced 1”.

・Conditions of registration for “Advanced 2” courses
As we mentioned above, the courses which will start from 2020S1S2 are “Advanced 2 Integrated,

Advanced 2 Speaking and Advanced 2 Writing”. Students who can register for these courses are:
Students who completed “Advanced Integrated A/B” in 2019S1S2 or 2019A1A2 can register for “Advanced 2 Integrated”;
Students who completed “Advanced Speaking A/B” in 2019S1S2 or 2019A1A2 can register for “Advanced 2 Speaking”; and
Students who completed “Advanced Writing A/B” in 2019S1S2 or 2019A1A2 can register for “Advanced 2 Writing”.

Students who completed Japanese language courses in JLCSE before 2018A1A2 and did not register for

any courses in 2019 should retake the online placement test (PLT) through STAR system to register for courses in 2020S1S2.
If your Japanese language level is judged as Advanced 2, then you can register for any of these three Advanced 2 courses.
Note that we have not yet prepared the Advanced 2 level courses for Listening and Reading.
So for 2020S1S2, even if your Japanese level is Advanced 2, the courses for which you can register are Advanced 1 Listening and Advanced 1 Reading.
・Course Certificate / Academic transcript
Both certificates and transcripts will have the course name you have completed.
E.g., Advanced Courses which were completed in 2019A1A2 or earlier will be printed as “Advanced Integrated”,
“Advanced Speaking” and so on regardless of when you apply for these documents.

For the courses you complete in 2020S1S2, the names of these courses will be written as “Advanced 1 Integrated”,

“Advanced 1 Speaking” and so on. If you complete Advanced 2 courses, they will be written as “Advanced 2 Integrated”,
“Advanced 2 Speaking” or “Advanced 2 Writing”.

If you have any questions, please contact us by e-mail or visit our office.