JLCSE Office and Lounges

JLCSE Office and Lounges

The lounge is in the office of the Japanese Language Course. Enjoy hot drinks and language exchange. You can check out books and DVDs in Japanese as well.

Place and Opening hour

Place: Room 128B, 1st floor of the School of Engineering Building 8

Open from Monday to Friday, 9:00-17:00

Closed after 13:00 during the exam period and after 14:00 on Mondays when there are academic affairs meetings except for emergencies.

You are not allowed to enter the room outside of office hours. Please avoid this time when you return books.


Nihongo Lounge

The space at the entrance of the Office (128B) and 88LMS is open to JLCSE students as a 1st floor Nihongo Lounge and 2nd floor Nihongo Lounge. The 1st floor Lounge offers hot drinks. Books and DVDs can be checked out. Information on reusing textbooks is posted here. The 2nd floor Lounge has tables, chairs, and a DVD player that you can play DVDs with your own headphones. Please be considerate when using this space so that everyone can enjoy it.

Drink corner (1st floor Japanese Lounge) closed in 2020S1S1 

The Office offers coffee, hot chocolate, and tea during the listed hours beginning the second week of each semester. You can enjoy talking to other students from different courses, countries and affiliations and JLC staff members while drinking hot beverages.

These are the rules of the Drink Corner:

  1. Don’t take cups out of the office.
  2. Please wash the cups after you use them.

 Books and DVDs (1st floor Japanese Lounge)

Students who take classes at JLCSE can check out books and DVDs at the JLCSE office (1st floor Japanese Lounge).

Period of check-out:

– Books: 2 weeks (up to 2 books)
– JLPT workbooks: 1 week (up to 2 workbooks) *Don’t write in the books or textbooks
– DVDs: 1 week (up to 2 DVDs)

You can watch DVDs in the 2nd floor Japanese Lounge (use your own headphones).

Information on used textbooks (1st floor Japanese Lounge)

JLCSE Classifieds is a bulletin board where you can get information on textbooks that other students don’t need anymore.

It is at the JLCSE office. If you want to post something, bring a flier containing the following information to the office and get approval to post it:

1) Name, 2) Contact information, 3) Textbook title, 4) Preferred price

*The post is valid for one semester (after a semester, the post will be removed.)