January 19, 2022 / Update

Information on 2021A1A2 semester and upcoming 2022S1S2 semester


You may apply for the course certificate and find your final grades in the STAR system.

You may apply for a certificate if all the following requirements have been met:

1)           Have attended more than 70% of classes

2)           Have completed final exam and/or final assignment

3)           Have registered as a non-credit student*UTAS transcripts are recognized as certificates for students taking courses for credit.

Please note that even you submit an application for a certificate, no certificate will be issued if you cannot complete the course and your final grade is an F.

**You may apply for the course certificate in the STAR system starting on February 10.

As you can see in the attached photo, click the button in the area circled in red. (Note: you may not see this button before February 10.)

Application period: From February 10 to March 2

We will send a certificate(PDF) from March 3 with an email attachment.

<Final Grade>

The final grade(s) will be open after March 1



<Online Placement Test and Course Registration period>

From March 7 to April 19

<First day of the classes>

April 5 (Tue)