July 5, 2022 / Update

Information on 2022S1S2 semester and upcoming 2022A1A2 semester


You may apply for the course certificate and find your final grades in the STAR system.

<Course Certificate>

You may apply for a certificate if all the following requirements have been met:

1)           Have attended more than 70% of classes

2)           Have completed final exam and/or final assignment

3)           Have registered as a non-credit student

*UTAS transcripts are recognized as certificates for students taking courses for credit.

Please note that even you submit an application for a certificate, no certificate will be issued if you cannot complete the course and your final grade is an F.

**You may apply for the course certificate in the STAR system starting on August 13th.

Application period : From August 13th to September 1st

We will send a certificate(PDF) from September 2nd  with an email attachment.

<Final Grade>

The final grade(s) will be open after September 1st



<Online Placement Test and Course Registration period>

From September 5th

<First day of the classes>

October 3rd