February 15, 2023 / Update

The registrations for S1S2 2023 semester will open on 6th March

Class period: April 5th, 2023-July 26th, 2023

[Important] JLCSE will hold face-to-face classes in 2023 S1S2 semester (Except “Advanced BusinessB” course)

・Course registration

If you plan to study Japanese at JLCSE, you must be registered for STAR (Student Tools for Access and Review)
To make an account on the STAR system click here.

Registration period: March 6th – April 12th
Adjustment period: April 13th – April 19th

New students should take the online placement test and register for their courses within the registration period.

Please attend the first class of each registered course to receive an orientation and take a level check test.

The course may change depending on the result of the “level check test”.

* If you find out you cannot take a course after registering for it, please cancel the course immediately. Courses can be canceled even after the adjustment period.


・UTAS registration

Please note that for-credit students must register on UTAS as well after registering on STAR.

Registration period: April 5th to April 12th
Adjustment period: April 13th to April 19th

UTAS Code: Graduate School 3799-XXX, Undergraduate FEN-JL4XXX