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Tutorial Session

About Program

Tutorial Session


1. Purposes

Japanese language tutoring is provided to JLCSE students in order to respond to individual needs that classes cannot cover. Instructors provide personalized tutoring (45 min/session) to help and encourage students to study independently.

2.  Eligible students

Students who are taking or took JLCSE classes.

3. Content

Tutoring on overall Japanese language learning

– Advice on how to study Japanese

– Checking past learning

– Instruction for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT)

– Correction of reports or research plans

– Correction of scholarship application documents and interview practice, etc.

4. How to apply (2024 S1S2 starts from 6/5)

– An advance appointment is required in order to receive tutoring.

-Tutoring takes place in Classroom 88M on the 2nd floor of Building 8. You can go straight to the classroom at your appointment time.

– Each tutoring session is 45 minutes long. Several appointments might be required for high volume content.