Ⅰ. About the JLCSE
Ⅰ- A Eligibility

Are all international students and researchers at the School of Engineering eligible to take Japanese courses?

Yes. The program is open to international students and researchers at the School of Engineering, the School of Information Science and Technology, the Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, and USTEP students.

Are spouses also eligible to take Japanese courses?


Are international students in other graduate schools eligible to take language courses at the School of Engineering?

The program is open to international students and researchers at the School of Engineering, the School of Information Science and Technology, the Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, and USTEP students. However, if space is available, students from other departments and graduate schools will be accepted.

I am not a student at the University of Tokyo. Can I attend Japanese language courses?

No, you cannot.

Ⅰ- B Registration

Can I apply for the Center for Japanese Education at the Japanese Language Class of the Faculty of Engineering?

No, you cannot. You should apply for the Intensive Japanese Course and Follow Up Japanese Course at the administrative office in the department you belong to.

Do I need permission from an adviser to attend Japanese Language Courses?

No. You don’t necessarily need permission from an adviser. But it is better to choose courses after a consultation with an adviser.

How much is the tuition for the course?

There are no tuition fees. There are only expenses for textbooks.

When do you start registration for the courses?

You can apply for courses in March for S1S2, and in September for the A1A2. Please see news and  schedule for further details.

I want to register for Japanese courses. What should I do?

See the Course Registration page and follow the instructions.

I have passed JLPT N1. Can I skip the placement test?

No. Please be sure to take the placement test.

The Japanese course I was recommended to take overlaps with my specialized classes and/or regular laboratory meetings. Can I take a course at another level?

You cannot change your course level just because of a schedule conflict.

What is the difference between JLCSE (Japanese Language Class at the School of Engineering) and the various JLCs provided by departments, the JLC Komaba Research Campus, and the Center for Japanese Language Education?

The difference is as follows.

– JLC at the School of Engineering is managed by the School of Engineering and is open to all international students and researchers from two graduate schools (the School of Engineering and the Graduate School of Information Science and Technology), their spouses, and USTEP students. It provides courses of all levels.

The Center for Japanese Language Education is open to all international students at the University of Tokyo. International researchers and their spouses are also eligible if space is available.

JLC civil,
– JLC urban engineering,
– JLC systems innovation,
are run by their respective departments and are open to students and their spouses in their departments. They accept other students if space is available. They provide courses from beginning to intermediate level.

JLC Komaba Research Center is run by the Institute of Industrial Science and provides beginning and intermediate courses for the students of Komaba Research Campus. Researchers and spouses are accepted if space is available.

Can I attend the Japanese language course of the Faculty of Engineering at the same time that I take a course offered by the Center for Japanese Education or the Japanese Language Class in my department?

Yes, you can. Please think about how much time you can spend studying for both courses, and/or consult with your adviser.

Ⅱ. Japanese Courses
Ⅱ-A Credit and certification

Are the Japanese courses at JLCSE for credit?

Credits can be acquired through all JLCSE courses except “Visitor Session & Japanese Cultures”. (2020 March).

See Grading/Credit page for further information.

Is a course certificate given to students?

Yes. Students who have completed the enrolled course with a grade of C or higher can download the course completion certificate from the STAR student page. The download period is for one year from the release date of the course grades*.
* S1S2: March 1st * A1A2: September 1st

Do I have to register not only for STAR but also for UTAS to take courses?

Credit-seeking students need to register for both STAR and UTAS to be able to take classes.

Non-credit-seeking students must register for STAR, but do not need to register for UTAS.

I’m an undergraduate student. Is the registration procedure for UTAS the same as for graduate students?

No, the codes of undergraduate and graduate courses are different: the UTAS code for graduate students is 3799-XXX, and for undergraduate students, it is FEN-JL4XXX. Please confirm that the UTAS code is correct before you complete the registration. If you register using the wrong code, you may not be able to get your final grade.

I have registered for UTAS. Can I attend the classes with just my UTAS registration?

NO, you cannot. Without registering for STAR, you are not allowed to attend our courses. Before attending classes, take the online placement test, determine your level and register for your courses.

Are credits from these courses counted towards degree completion?

Whether or not these course credits are counted towards degree completion differs depending on the department. Please inquire with your department office before registration. Non-credit enrollment in courses is also possible.

Ⅱ-B Course selection

The results of the placement test seem different from my actual Japanese proficiency level. How do I choose appropriate courses?

Even if the result of the placement test shows a level different from the course you wish to take, please register for the recommended courses first and consult with the instructor in the first class. However, if the instructor confirms that the level of the course is not appropriate for you, you may switch courses.

How many times can I take the online placement test?

You can take the placement test only once in principle※. Please register for the recommended courses first and consult with the instructor. If you have any accidents during the test or registration problems, please contact us by email or visit our office.


※If you have not registered for any courses for more than one year since you completed the last course(s) then you should retake the placement test to register for more courses.

The results show that each level in the four categorized skill groups is different. Can I choose another course with a different level?

Please register for the courses on the recommended list, and visit the office for consultation. We will advise you on which courses are suitable to your level.

Can I re-take the same courses that I took in the previous semester?

Yes, if you have NOT completed the courses. If you completed them, visit our office for consultation.

Can I choose courses that are not in the recommended list?

No, you cannot. If you have any problems or inquiries, please contact the JLCSE office.

Can I take more than one course?

Yes, you can take more than one course on the recommended list after the placement test.

The course has already reached student capacity. Can I register for the course anyway?

Only international students and researchers at the School of Engineering, the School of Information Science and Technology, the Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, and USTEP students are allowed to register for courses that are at full student capacity.

After the semester has started, can I still register for courses?

Yes, you can. You can attend Japanese language courses after taking an online placement test and registering for courses.

I’d like to talk over choosing courses with somebody.

Please come to the JLCSE office. You can talk to us and see the textbooks too.

Can I change course(s) after course(s) have started?

During the registration period, changes are allowed. Please be sure to inform the instructor if you change course(s).

Ⅱ-C Notes on classes

Can I quit course(s) in the middle of the semester?

Yes, you can. But you need to inform the instructor.

Do I have to buy a textbook?

Yes. You can buy textbooks at the Co-op Bookstore at the University of Tokyo. You should prepare textbooks for the course(s) by the second week of each semester.

Ⅲ. Others (Regarding Japanese language learning, etc.)

Are there any programs to improve my Japanese skills besides Japanese courses?

Those who want to improve their conversational skills can participate in a free conversation during the “Visitor session”. If you want to receive advice for studying Japanese, you can come to the “Tutorial session”. Detailed information for both is available on the website, at the links below.
・Tutorial session: https://www.jlcse.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp/ja/programs/about/tutorial/
・Visitor session: https://www.jlcse.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp/ja/activities/visitor-session/