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About Activities and Events

Japanese Culture Experience

About Activities and Events

Annual events (for international students)

Flower Arrangement Workshop : Under the instruction of the Ichiyo School of ikebana, you will cut flowers and arrange them in your mug. The resulting compositions will be full of creative personalities.

Sumo Experience ): You can learn about sumo culture by meeting the okamisan (stable master’s wife), sumo wrestlers, and yobidashi (caller) at the Oguruma Stable. Don’t miss this fun opportunity to see the wrestlers’ interesting personalities that you can’t experience during a tournament.

Yukata Workshop : Volunteers teach how to put on a yukata. Many students have recently wanted to try wearing yukata for fireworks displays.

Tea Ceremony :Green tea is popular overseas as maccha. You can immerse yourself in the world of Japanese tea culture by learning to make the tea yourself.

Tanabata : Write down your wishes on a strip of paper and put it up on a bamboo branch. The bamboo branch will be full of messages written in international students’ newly learned Japanese or their mother tongues.

Flower Arrangement Demonstration by Iemoto (master) : The Ichiyo School of ikebana will demonstrate flower arrangement in Japanese and English and create works of art one after another. Enjoy this dynamic and fascinating demonstration in this rare opportunity.

Kimono Experience : Volunteers teach how to put on a kimono. Many students have tried yukata but not kimono. Students enjoy visiting different parts of the campus and taking pictures after dressing in kimono, creating a colorful atmosphere.

Oshiruko Experience : Enjoy hot oshiruko (sweet red bean soup) on a cold day after the New Year’s Day. We will cut the New Year’s mochi on this occasion. You can try fresh sweet oshiruko with the mochi.


Yukata workshop (July 2023)

Calligraphy Experience (June 2023)

Tea ceremony experience (November 2023)

Kimono experience (November 2023)

Origami workshop(December 2023)

Calligraphy Experience (December 2023)